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Is your sexual confidence at an all-time low due to pearly penile papules? Well, thankfully there is a life-changing solution. Here at PPP Clinic, we specialise in removing this harmless condition to help men boost their self-esteem. If you would like to book a consultation and learn more information about our treatments, get in touch with our PPP aesthetic clinic by calling 01202 579365.

Safe and Effective Pearly Penile Papules Removal

Pearly penile papules can be found on the corona of the penis or alongside the back of the penis, known as the frenulum. They are small growths that have received the pearly tag due to the tip of the growths having a white glow. It is important to note that this condition is entirely harmless, but many still opt to undergo PPP treatments.

The reason for this is that many men struggle with self-esteem issues when they have pearly penile papules. Our PPP aesthetic clinic is in place to eradicate the problem, as well as the lack of confidence that comes with it. Some individuals are unable to enjoy sexual exploration as a result of the condition, which in turn, can affect romantic relationships.

Here at PPP Clinic, we carry out pearly penile papules removal in a safe and effective way, using proven medical methods. Surgical destruction is needed to remove the growths, and we do this by using either an electrosurgical instrument or a CO2 laser. It will be the surgeon’s final decision on which method to choose, but rest assured that we will anaesthetise the end of the penis with topical gel or cream.

Once we have carried out PPP treatments, we advise around 3 weeks of recovery, but it is unlikely that you will feel any pain during this time. We treat every patient individually, which means that you will receive personalised instructions to follow post-treatment. Our team won’t walk away; we will give you our doctor’s telephone number so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Our Process in Three Steps

To get everything started, you will need to contact our PPP aesthetic clinic and book a consultation. We will arrange a time that suits your schedule, and when you meet with Dr Josh Berkowitz, he will talk you through the procedure and answer any questions you have. Keep in mind that the treatment can be done on the same day, with the £250 consultation fee being deducted from the final cost.

The next step is the treatment itself, and when it comes to pearly penile papules removal, it should take around 60 minutes to complete. You can trust that the procedure we carry out is safe and incredibly effective. Aesthetically, you will notice a difference, but the main benefits will be mentally. They include:

  • Self-Esteem Boost
  • Sexual Freedom
  • Less Anxiety
  • Peace of Mind
  • And More!
Pearly Penile Papules Removal

Why Come to Our PPP Aesthetic Clinic?

For many men, it can be difficult opening up about certain insecurities. Unfortunately, some feel a sense of embarrassment when they have pearly penile papules as they feel they’ll be ridiculed by others. With this in mind, we decided to launch PPP Clinic, with Dr Berkowitz carrying out top quality PPP treatments.

Over the course of 20 to 30 years, Dr Berkowitz has been performing removal surgeries on thousands of young men. Rest assured that you are in safe hands as he has accumulated years of experience and qualifications to become the go-to doctor for this procedure. Our PPP aesthetic clinic works discreetly, and vows to keep everything confidential.

You are in a safe space when you come to PPP Clinic, and our doors are always open. Every single member of our team is well versed in the physiological and psychological aspects that come with having pearly penile papules. If you have been looking around for solutions but have come up short, our PPP aesthetic clinic can end your search.

Book a Consultation

To secure a consultation with our PPP aesthetic clinic to discuss our treatments, give our team a call on 01202 579365. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@pppclinic.co.uk or contact us by filling in our online form.