What our clients say

‘’Great service, great results, couldn’t recommend higher!’’

Jacob – 25

‘’Just wish I had done it sooner’’

Richard – 36

‘’I was 15 when I first noticed the penile papules, I was so worried as I was unsure what they were, how I got them and more importantly how I could get rid of them. I stupidly went straight to Google and my self-diagnosis made my mental state so much worse, I booked in with my local sexual health clinic. During my appointment I was diagnosed with Pearly Penile Papules and was informed there was no need for removal and the condition was common. Although I was relieved at the time, over the next year or so I found my self confidence struggling not knowing whether I should be telling partners I was with to elevate concern or just hope they wouldn’t notice. The thought of both scenarios filled me with anxiety and I knew I had to do something about it – back to Google! I tried several home remedies and although one of them made them less obvious, this didn’t help my anxiety or confidence. Also, the home treatment required a constant maintenance with minimal results. There was always something that made me feel even more conscious having to address something I was uncomfortable with on a regular basis. I came across a video on YouTube regarding the PPP Clinic procedure and after watching 3 or 4 videos I decided to book the consultation. Initially I thought the price was a bit high. At the consultation both reception and doctor made me feel completely at ease and empathised and knew the effect of pearly penile papules had on my life. I decided to go ahead with the treatment which was very straightforward and pain free in fact although it might sound crazy as they were being removed I immediately felt more confident and a weight coming off my shoulders and after healing the results were perfect! I couldn’t be happier, I am more confident than ever and intimacy seems better than it’s ever been. I really can’t believe how much impact pearly penile papules had on my life and it’s only now I have realised the treatment is worth every penny. I couldn’t recommend it higher to anyone in the same position I was in before the treatment’’

Ben – 17

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a life changing treatment for as little as £65 per month

‘’Pearly penile papules have always affected my confidence so I decided to book in the treatment at PPP clinic, I have always been aware of my condition and the affect it’s had on my personal life, I just couldn’t afford it when I was younger nor was I really that keen on dating. The treatment was surprisingly simple and I am very happy with the results. I remember doctor making me laugh because I was so nervous, he’s a top bloke. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with pearly penile papules, just to get it done as soon as they can. It really is life changing results!’’

Steven – 20

‘’I had a really severe case of pearly penile papules, massively impacted my confidence. I haven’t really had any form of relationships on an intimate level, in fact it took me nine years just to talk to someone about it, none of the home treatments worked for me. I then found PPP Clinic and booked in the treatment. This really has changed my life, I am still building my confidence but at least I know I now don’t have the reason that was holding me back, so looking forward to my future.’’

Jai – 25

‘’I was diagnosed with pearly penile papules in my teens, my case wasn’t so severe as others I have seen to be honest I didn’t really care at the time. I ended up in a long term relationship which my partner knew about the condition and life was fine. Sadly my relationship ended and I am not sure why but I became very aware of my pearly penile papules and the thought alone of having to tell someone or them seeing it really affected me taking relationships to the next level. I booked in to have the procedure and they have now been removed, I only wish I had done it sooner. The results are exactly what I wanted, I am in another relationship, couldn’t be happier with the service.’’

Jonny – 35

There are several reasons why you should choose the Pearly Penile Papule Clinic, including:

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