Best Treatment for Papules

Do you live with pearly penile papules and are searching for a clinic that offers life-changing results? Then look no further than the PPP Clinic. We offer a 100% safe, completely painless 60-minute treatment that’ll remove any papules present on your penis. We’re committed to helping those whose self-esteem has been rocked, so if you’re feeling worried about the situation, book your first consultation by calling 01202 579365.

The Number One Pearly Papules Treatment

Often confused for an STD, pearly penile papules are small growths which are usually found on the corona of the penis as well as alongside the frenulum (back of the penis). It’s important to note that papules aren’t an STD and cannot be transmitted – though the stigma continues. As a result, many with papules suffer self-esteem issues and avoid intimacy all together. If this sounds like you, at the PPP Clinic, we offer the best treatment for papules.

Pearly papules usually emerge around puberty and are nearly always painless. The issue is that they affect the aesthetics of the penis. They are clearly visible and so, as mentioned above, are often mistakenly identified as a sexually transmitted disease. Papules appear in 1 in 5 young boys, so the condition is fairly common, affecting around 20% of the male population. And without PPP laser removal, papules won’t go away by themselves.

The Best Treatment for Papules

The first step is to book a consultation with Dr Josh Berkowitz. You’ll no doubt have questions, and Dr Berkowitz is there to put your mind at ease. He’ll alleviate any concerns you might have and talk you through the treatment, so you’ll know what to expect. Pearly papules treatment costs £895, plus, a £250 consultation fee.

The treatment can be carried out on the same day, and if it is, we’ll waive the consultation fee. The best treatment for papules takes only around 60 minutes to complete, is simple and safe, and you can go about your day once you’re done. The papules are removed through surgical destruction – the corona of the penis is anaesthetised using a topical gel or cream – the effect lasts around 15-30 minutes.

The next step is to target and destroy each papule using either an electrosurgical instrument or CO2 laser. The doctor will determine whether PPP laser removal is applicable in your situation or whether an electrosurgical instrument would be more useful. Once the last papule is gone, the treatment will be concluded. If you would like to find out more, you can always read through our FAQs.

One last note, we highly recommend never attempting home remedies or trying to destroy the papules yourself. Home remedies never work, and you’ll nearly always end up making the situation a lot worse for yourself. Only experienced practitioners should attempt papule removal. So, for the best treatment for papules, get in touch with the PPP Clinic today by calling us on 01202 579365.

Why Us for PPP Laser Removal or Electrosurgical Treatment?

Dealing with pearly papules is never a pleasant experience as they can a detrimental impact on a man’s well-being. But the good news is that UK-based PPP Clinic provides a safe environment in which men can seek out the help of a supportive team of professionals. We offer the best treatment for papules with a focus on ensuring the patient’s comfort throughout.

By coming to us for treatment, you can experience the freedom of being papule-free. Freedoms such as:

  • Increased Confidence
  • Sexual Freedom
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Improved Intimate Relationships

We’re here to help rid men of the stigma that many have lived with for so many years. Those who’ve attempted home remedies or have done nothing, unsure of how to proceed will find a resolution here at the PPP Clinic. All treatments are carried out with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, and you’ll always be seen by a fully qualified and certified medical specialist.

At the PPP Clinic, we guarantee 100% comfort, safe, effective, and pain-free pearly papules treatment, and FREE and confidential advice.

Pearly Papules Treatment

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So, if you have pearly papules, don’t put up with it a moment longer. Call the PPP Clinic today on 01202 579365 to enquire about the best treatment for papules.